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 Gina Saunders
DSFH. HPD. MNCH (Reg) AfSFH (Reg) CNHC (Reg)

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NCH Gina Saunders

Me and Why

Because all you lovely people want to know a little bit about me and why do what I do, and rightly so, here it is.

This is Me

GS Hypnotherapy | Telford | Shifnal | Horsehay | Buildwas

For most of my working life I have worked with horses, doing many different disciplines in the equestrian world. First part of my equestrian career was on the ridden side. This included helping at the local riding for the disabled centre, (RDA). At this point I was just helping people within the ridden world. I enjoyed putting smiles on people’s faces, people who were less fortunate and less able than myself. As part of my work I would also coach and train people with their riding, allowing them to boost their confidence. This also made me feel good, because they increase their ability and improve their performance and smiled. Then I moved to carriage driving. To coin a phrase "like what the Duke did."  (As in Prince Philip.) Carriage driving is a real team sport where you all support and help each other.

Throughout my work with horses, I have travelled and competed all over Europe. Wherever I have been and whatever I have been doing, I have put a smile on the faces of others. Helping them improve their confidence and again improving their ability and performance. It has always given me great joy to be able to help people and it gives me one of those warm fuzzy feelings that shows that I have made a difference.

Having stopped working with horses on a day-to-day basis. I now own my own pony. And I ride and drive him. While enjoying my own pony, I go to competitions. This leads to helping others to enjoy themselves. I have returned to the Riding for the Disabled as a volunteer. I’m now a carriage driving coach for the RDA at the Cavalier centre, which is in Much Wenlock, Shropshire and again I can put smiles on people’s faces, this is such a great thing to be able to do to share the horses with the participants, again, I get that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing I am making a difference. It is a privilege to be able to help them enjoy the sport of carriage driving. I have realised that I loved helping people enjoy their lives. I like to think of it as creating happiness.

Creating happiness, what’s been good and putting smiles on faces are the things that are important to me. I live life by the 3 P’s these are positive actions, positive interactions, and positive thoughts.

This is My Why

I gave up working with horses so that I could care for my elderly mother 24/7. I received hypnotherapy at this time to help me through those troubling days of anxiety and worry about looking after my mother. This time in my life I was not living my life, but helping mother live her life. This caused me to feel down, low mood, not worth it on occasions, lacking in self-confidence and sometimes in my own abilities. I needed to feel better, cope better and be better. So I used with the help of my hypnotherapist the magic and the mystery of my brain to get me to be better. Hypnotherapy helped me immensely. In fact, it was life changing. When my mother passed, I felt I had no purpose in life as my life had totally revolved around my mother.

So, while chatting with my hypnotherapist at this time of my life I found the solution and focused on my future for myself. I had to find the money, so I could train as a solution focused hypnotherapist. I found the money and did it!  I am now fully qualified and practising in solution focused hypnotherapy.

I can now help people find a path to creating happiness. Not only for the people I work with and help to feel better, but all their families and friends. Even their work colleagues can feel the benefits of someone who is living the best life. Because of the ripple effect it creates. It has changed my life completely. I know that I now care and want to help others. Now I can make a real difference for others too. Because not only have I been there and I’m now able to recognise in others, their difficulties in coping. I now have the tools and resources to help people be better. I still receive hypnotherapy because I really enjoy the experience and I am so relaxed after the sessions. Also, my self-care is very important to me.

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