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(face-to-face sessions)


I can personally recommend G.S Hypnotherapy, Gina is a great practitioner and advocate for hypnotherapy. She is professional and creates a safe and supportive confidential environment where you can be comfortable and truly yourself. Gina has given me the tools to work through situations finding solutions and opportunities in all areas of life. If you are looking for and open to change, then your investment in yourself will be well worth every penny,

do something you’ll thank your past self for.

Cancer Patient Who Is Receiving Treatment 

(face-to-face sessions)


Why did you come to see me at GS hypnotherapy? 
To reduce my needle phobia. 

Did we achieve your goal using hypnotherapy?

      Yes, most definitely. 

How precisely did the use of solution focused hypnotherapy help you?   

 I don’t worry about my appointments in advance in any more. So, this takes all the stress out of having the treatment that I need to have. 

Would you consider hypnotherapy for other things later in the future If the need arose?  

Yes, I have a toad phobia too, someday look to have that removed. 

Would you recommend GS hypnotherapy to others?   

Yes, I have done so already. 

(face-to-face sessions)


I have been extremely fortunate to work with Gina; her friendly and approachable nature made our hypnotherapy sessions a safe and supportive space. With Gina's guidance, I was able to achieve the personal growth and healing I sought.

Her sessions have positively impacted both my personal and professional life, leading to increased effectiveness and happiness.

I found Gina to be open, warm, and generous with her time and effort. She is a skilled and experienced hypnotherapist, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking meaningful change.

Now A Former Smoker 

(online sessions)


Although having had a number of unsuccessful attempts at giving up smoking. I was very hopeful that hypnotherapy would help me. I found it helped me overcome the low mood and anger that would usually kick in after three or four weeks of abstaining. I achieved despite having a small relapse. I admit that it was probably because I didn’t use the tools I was given to support me in the following days and weeks. When I to started using the support tools, I found them very useful.  

When I have thought about smoking, it has been very useful in enabling me to think logically and helpful.

They enabled me to power through the difficult days. 

I would use Gina services again in the future if I needed and yes, I would recommend her to others. 

Para Olympic Medallist Wanting to Get Back on Track 

(online sessions)


What were you hoping to achieve by receiving hypnotherapy?    

I hoped it would settle and improve my state of mind also I hope it would help me

with my sporting activities. 

Did we achieve your goal using hypnotherapy?

      Yes, definitely helped me way beyond my expectations.

How did the hypnotherapy help you? 

It has help with my concentration, focus and improve my ability to work things out,

also helped me with my sport.

Is there anything that could have been done differently to improve your experience

with your hypnotherapy sessions?  

I can’t think of any way that it could have improved for me. Being online meant that I could receive my hypnotherapy sessions whilst living over 100 miles away from Gina.

Is there anything that you would like to add that doesn’t fit in with the questions I’ve asked you? 

The information about the primitive mind and the logical mind was a great insight to me. 

Would you consider using GS hypnotherapy in the future if need be?

I would definitely use Gina and her practice in the future if I needed it. 

Would you recommend GS hypnotherapy and Gina to others?

I would highly recommend her.             

Last Resort, I’ve Tried Everything Else. So What Am I Going To Lose 

(Face to Face sessions)


How did you think hypnotherapy was going to help you what did you want the outcome to be?    

I hope for a better understanding of myself and others controlling my anger and understanding and dealing with my negative thoughts that I have about myself and others. 

Did you achieve your goal using hypnotherapy and how precisely do to help? 

   Yes, I did and more besides. It helped me to understand myself and understand the brain better. I understood that my actions have consequences and if I believe in myself nothing is impossible. I just had to do things differently. I have gone from a person who did everything reluctantly because I believed I couldn’t do it or not very well. To a person who now has learnt how to ride a bike for a wheelchair user, I have been canoeing, which I would never ever have dreamt of before my illness. I learnt that I was only do my carriage driving because others wanted me to do it and thought it would do me good. I’ve learnt to take responsibility for my own decisions. I now do art classes. I’ve learnt how to do knitting and have actually made some garments, I am learning how to use computer online and I am doing amateur dramatics. I’ve also found myself a job and, I am now the life, and soul of the party,

like I was before my illness which put me in my wheelchair. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add that wasn’t in the questions and you haven’t mentioned above?

I would just like to say thank you for saving me from myself and giving me the tools to address the difficult situations and navigate positive solutions. I definitely would use your services again.

Also, would and have already recommended you to others. 

Mother Of Two Suffering Low Mood & Lack Of Confidence 

 After Receiving Her Cancer Treatment 

(Face to Face sessions)


After having my cancer treatment, I had a breakdown leaving me with anxiety. I saw Gina’s card and contacted her. I was hoping that I would be able to have my life back and cope with anxiety. And be able to laugh, and not focusing on things for hours and hours. 

 Gina went above and beyond. She was the ultimate professional all the way through my appointments. When I had to change, it wasn’t a problem she was always on time. She was always friendly and polite she took the time to listen and took to the time to fully explain everything. 

 Gina and hypnotherapy of vastly improved me and my relationships with others Gina went above and beyond.

She explained everything to me about hypnotherapy and I’m now doing things

that I haven’t done in a long time and I have found myself again. 

 I went into a lift. I haven’t been in a lift for six or seven years, 

I have driven the car on the motorway and have not done this for 10 years. 

 Have been out on my own took up swimming. 

I am dealing with things that I’ve parked and piled up. 

In learning and facing up to my anxieties I feel more confident in myself. I went and got myself some new clothes just for myself instead of my usual second-hand from a charity shop. Because I used to feel I wasn’t worth new. 

 Gina gave me my confidence back, she helped me to see why I was feeling the way I was and she helped me rearranged my life. I definitely will be contacting her again in the future to arrange another appointment just to keep me on track . 

Yes, I absolutely would recommend Gina. I already have done so to others. 

Debilitating anxiety due to fear of re-occurring epileptic episodes

(Online sessions)


What outcome were you hoping to achieve by receiving hypnotherapy?     

I wanted to really gain my self-confidence and positive outlook, which I was sadly lacking since my last episode. My anxiety had been getting worse and worse with each episode. I didn’t sleep because of the constant worrying and over thinking. 

Did you achieve your goal by using Gina at GS hypnotherapy?

Yes, I definitely did my world has regained its colour. 

Explain how the use of hypnotherapy help you? It helped me think positive thoughts and to choose the thoughts that carried me through to a better place. Hypnotherapy helped me realise that I wasn’t going to change the fact that had epilepsy. But it did change the way I thought about it, which then changed the way I dealt with it. This then changed how epilepsy affected me. I could then work out what to do to carry on with my life living with epilepsy. I am back doing all the things I was before my episodes. It’s not what life gives you that takes you down, it’s how you look at and think about life. 

Change that and change your life. 

Was there anything that could be done differently for you through the sessions?

Nothing needed to be changed for me. I did the sessions online and the whole experience was perfect for me. My husband and I moved around the country visiting friends even housesitting for friends to be able to do the sessions online meant that I could move around the country and not miss out on my sessions.

The whole experience has made even better for me by saying how much Gina cared and enjoyed seeing the improvement in me. I would definitely consider using Gina in the future if the need arose

and I definitely would and have recommended Gina to others. 

Bereaved lady who was a carer for her husband

(Face to face sessions)


What outcome did you hope to achieve by using hypnotherapy?   

I wanted to get back some kind of life and the future and not just feel numb and empty. 

Did you achieve this goal and how did hypnotherapy help you?

Yes, I definitely did achieve my goal, even though this wasn’t the life in future I wanted after the death of my husband it helped me realise that there was still a life in future for me, but just different. I never thought I would reach the point where I would go on holiday again smile and be happy that hypnotherapy has helped me achieve all of this and more there is absolutely nothing that Gina could have changed in the sessions definitely would and have recommended her and I would use again myself if I felt the need. 

I was someone who cried even if someone looked at me. I couldn’t leave the house and I wouldn’t have people in the house. My grown-up children used me as a babysitter because then I wouldn’t leave the house. I’m now the person as I say that goes on holiday, I have girly nights at home. I say no to my children. I go to the train station on my own, I go into a café on my own. I even go to the places that I spent happy times with my husband. I now remember the good times and value them.

Even losing weight because I don’t comfort eat any more. 

Phobia Of Bridges 

(Face to face sessions)


I don’t ever remember not being frightened of bridges. I don’t know where the fear came from. Although I’ve been laughed at and ridiculed for not being able to go over a bridge. This still didn’t give me the ability to go over a bridge. I had never thought about hypnotherapy being held able to help me remove this phobia. Gina one day said after I’d mentioned not being able to go over a bridge “but I can help you with that” still very unsure I agreed to allow Gina to help me with my phobia. 

Did I achieve my goal of using hypnotherapy? Yes! I can now cross any sort or type of bridge I can even walk over the glass bridge and looked down on the traffic beneath me. Hypnotherapy has given me a whole different mindset about bridges. I now amaze myself and all my friends. Everyone knew I couldn’t go over a bridge. The whole experience from start to finish which was amazing it has literally changed my life. I walk to most places and now I can save time by crossing the bridges. I live in a town with many bridges, so I can now get so much more done in a day. I would 100 % definitely use Gina again and I would 100 % recommend her to others.                  

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